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From grass to milk and farm to table! Follow the entire process and indulge in the tasty end result in our cafe and bakery. We offer a few of our favourite homemade baked goods, some of them have a permanent spot while others are served when they are in season. We have ice cream made from the very same cows you can pet on the farm.

Welcome inside to our countryside themed catering, you can sit outside as well. Connected to our cafe is an area that lets your imagination run wild. A landscape that allows your inner child to be let loose.

If you don't have time to stay or fika you are welcome to bring our goods home. We can also take special orders in advance. 200 kilos of bread or a delicious cake, whatever you need we can fix it!

If you want to visit with your association or celebrate a birthday contact us for booking and information.

Handla närproducerat i vår 

Treat yourself and those you like! Outside of being farmers Örjan and Ingeli Ivansson and their family occupy themselves with food craft. On the farm we have a bakery and a small dairy where we refine the farms produce. The milk from our cows makes cheeses, cheesecakes, yogurt, ice cream and other delicacies! On Saturdays there are always a few freshly baked goods. We work with local produce and abide by the seasons. You can buy our products in our shop.

Our assortment

Our assortment


The meat and sausages etc that comes from the sheep, pigs on the farm are locally butchered. Our sheep are mainly texel and finull, but a mix between the breeds.

You can order meat boxes between may and august.

Whole lamb (ca 20 kg)

- half a lamb (ca 10kg)

Pig 10 kg 20 kg 40 kg

All the meat is sold vacum sealed and you pay for the weight in the box.

We butcher on Västerslät outside Kalmar or in Kalvenäs outside Högsby.


On the farm, we have a bakery where we bake with pure ingredients and with long fermentation times. We work locally produced and according to the season. On Saturdays there is always freshly baked goods on the shelf. In the cake counter you will find our favorite sweets. Carrot cake, Ryttarkaka and Silvia cake are always available. The rest varies a little depending on the season and what we feel like.


On the farm we have a bakery and a micro-dairy, where we process the farm's raw materials. The milk from our cows is turned into cheese, cheesecake, yoghurt, cream milk, ice cream and other goodies. You can buy our products in our small farm shop (so don't forget the cooling bag!) but we also sell the cheesecake and our Eldost at Västerslät's and Wirbladh's farm shops.

Våra öppetider

We are currently closed for the season! 

Vi har öppet nästa gång den 24-25 Februari.
Då går även att boka vår Lammsafari

Rugstorps Lantgård!


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