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Welcome to Rugstorps Lantgård!

Rugstorps Lantgård is, as the name suggests, a farm in the countryside. It is a family farm that has been in the family for six generations. In the summer of 2013, we chose to develop the business in a new direction by building our café/shop, bakery and dairy. That you, as a guest, should be able to stay for a few hours, a day or maybe several to see and enjoy our part of the world is something we look forward to. To see the animals in their natural environment, eat well from our cafe/shop and enjoy nature. The craft of food in particular is close to our hearts. In the store you will find many good proofs of that. 


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Café & Gårdsbutik

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The farm

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Our aged cheeses are made with the milk from the farm.


The grazing animals provide biological diversity.

Cafe & shop

Vårt egna café och butik.

Lite om gården, miljön och våra tankar

The sheep

Sheep give us wool, meat and open landscapes.


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This is what some of our previous visitors say

Cozy place

“Wow, what a cozy place! I've passed by here so many times but never stopped before. Why haven't I stopped here before?”


Delicious ice cream

“No, I don't have a big package with me, it's just so hot today. I really need an ice cream! Oh how delicious!”

Our postman

Ni når oss alltid snabbast via SMS


Ni når oss alltid snabbast via SMS



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