Rugstorp Lantgård
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The Farm

The farm came into our family's possession in 1852 and has since been run by us for six generations, and now generation six and seven run and work side by side.

The animals are an important part of the farm.

The farm's crops and pasture are processed into milk and meat by the animals

A forestry operation is carried out on the farm, where Södra skogsägarna, but also other local contractors are hired. The forestry is certified via FSC and PEFC.

Our farm, as well as society, has developed over the years and we try to take part and use new technology in our work. In 2022 we built a new stable for dikes and bulls. On the roof of the stable are solar cells from Energiengagemang, which produce as much as the farm consumes.

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You can always reach us fastest via SMS


You can always reach us fastest via SMS



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